Transition to Final Cut Pro X

  • May 29, 2014
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Transition to Final Cut Pro X 
6-hour Course  0 Credits
So you’ve been hanging on to Final Cut Pro 6 or 7, but have been thinking about the jump to Final Cut Pro X. Can I edit in X? Will my workflow fit/adapt/fail/succeed in X? This 1-day class focuses on transitioning your editing workflow from 7 and X from a legacy editor’s perspective. Learn the new lingo, new (and some old) shortcuts while wrapping your mind around trackless-editing within a magnetic timeline.
Topics Covered:
Media Importer
Event Structure
Metadata Management Pt 1
Edit Functions and Tools
Storylines vs Compounds
Primary and Secondary Color Correction
Effects, Titles, and Transitions
Audio Components
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Offered in one workday format (9a-4p) OR a one weekend-day format (9a-4p)
This class is a stand-alone class, but may be combined with the Transition to Final Cut Pro X – Part 2 class usually offered the next day.
Students are experienced Final Cut Pro 7 (or earlier) editors wanting to see the overall Final Cut Pro X workflow whether for work or personal use. Recommended for experienced editors.
Knowledge of OS X and Mac hardware
Knowledge of Final Cut Pro 7 (or earlier)
Hardware, software, and training media will be provided for this hands-on class

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