Mac Support

Rewind Tech: Providing Mac support since 1993

We provide onsite help in the Denver area as well as remote training and help too.  All of our technicians are certified by Apple as both technicians and trainers. They have worked as System Administrators not only for home users but also in the enterprise environment. This gives us the ability to bring a wide range of knowledge to bear on your needs and make sure that we deliver a personalized solution that fits you.


We can deploy a single mac or a large fleet, install RAM or install a wireless printer… We have the tools to automate the process and make it as quick and easy as possible. Meet with us before you buy and we can provide guidance and recomendations to make sure every penny of your purchase counts.


Whether you are setting up a wireless network to reach accross your house or need help setting up a sophisticated wireless infrastructure for a large iPad deployment we have been there, done that, and will use our experience to ensure yours is easy.


Having Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android devices all on the same network is the new normal. We are experts at getting all devices to work together. Whether it is connecting your Macs to Active Directory or setting up a Mobile Device Management suite for your iOS devices, let us help you create an environment that moves IT out of the way so you can do your business.

Application Support

We have in-depth experience with the applications you use on your Mac to run your business. With this deep knowledge in Daylite, Microsoft Office, iWork and the Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite to name just a few we have the expertise to get your machine working on the same page as you.

Managed Services

Utilize Rewind Tech’s server infrastructure to get all the benifets of a Enterprise environment without having to spend a fortune on setup. These service include:

  • Remote application deployment
  • Continuous monitoring of your computer so that we are the first to know when there is an issue
  • A self service portal so that you can get what you need in your own time
  • A comprehensive software inventory. Never fear lost man hours a software audit from the BSA again.

Service Plans

With our monthly reports you will have tangible evidence to know we are delivering you top knotch support. Why pay to have IT staff sitting around waiting for something to break. Let us give you the support you need when you need it.

Give us a call at (303) 835-1005 to see what we can do for you!

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